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Gearbox Reconditioning

Have your gearbox like new in no time

Like to have your gearbox reconditioned?

Not every transmission requires a full rebuild; we can strip down your own gearbox to it‘s component parts, wash and thoroughly examine, then give you options to keep the cost of any effective repair to a minimum.

Often a transmission repair is more cost effective, sometimes up to 50% less than a fully reconditioned transmission, so we will offer to repair your transmission if economically viable. All units are repaired using original parts or equivalent where original parts are either not available or up rated .

We may be able to replace bearings only if the transmission is noisy or replace synchronizing rings only if the transmission has poor gear selection ?


We carry approximately 200 reconditioned gearboxes for exchange with your faulty unit.

Our service includes:

  • Stripping gearboxes
  • Full gearbox inspection
  • Technician bench tests
  • Painted and delivered

Quality control

All gearboxes are bench tested for quiet running and selection, by both the assembly technician and workshop foreman. Then gearboxes are stamped with its individual identification number, and all build details recorded, before release for delivery.

When we have fitted the gearbox ourselves, every vehicle is road tested to ensure all of the problems you have been experiencing have been corrected.

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