Differentials & Axles

Differential and axle repair specialists

Four wheel drive (4WD) and rear wheel drive vehicles can suffer with similar differential faults or axle problems. Geartech offer a full strip, diagnosis and repair service and can also provide reconditioned units where required.

Steering, driving and braking problems

Axles are used for steering, driving and braking, they are important for every aspect of vehicle use. Essentially, the axle transfers power and torque from your engine to your wheels. The differential on your car, van or motorhome  is essential to enable it to turn smoothly.

Most driving axles are found in 4×4 and rear wheel drive cars. Four wheel drive vehicles have driving front differentials as well and both are affected by the same common faults. When you drive around a corner the outside wheels travel further than the inside, without a differential (or diff) the vehicle would want to run straight and it would scrub the tyres.

replacement Bearings and seals

Most repairs require replacement bearings and seals.This requires setting the side bearing preload, crown wheel and pinion backlash. Vehicles with banjo type axles can often be repaired in-situ.

Bearing failures can cause oil leaks which will lead to overheating and subsequent failure of the differential. If left unattended the pinion and diff carrier can fail, without support these items move out of position and can potentially cause a dangerous lock-up.

Diagnostics and repair of the transmission

Most of our trade customers remove the faulty unit for diagnostics and overhaul. Private customers can arrange to bring their vehicle to be repaired here at Geartech. If the axle or differential is beyond repair we can exchange for a reconditioned unit on most vehicles. For rarer machines we can usually source replacement parts, however this may increase turnaround time and costs.

We will not compromise on quality or service and all of our replacement bearings and seals are either OE or equivalent, tried and tested brands.

Free local collection and delivery throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire – loose gearboxes, differentials or transfer units.


Just had a full gearbox rebuild done by these chaps, Exceptional Service, great pricing and friendly approach. Highly recommended.

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typical Symptoms of differential and axle faults





Oil Leaks

EXcessive tyre