Manual Gearboxes

Local manual gearbox specialist – Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

We are the go-to gearbox specialist for many local trade garages and other automotive businesses. However, we also deal direct with the public for gearbox diagnostics, repairs and reconditioning services. We specialise in resolving manual gearbox problems on cars, 4x4s, vans and motorhomes.

While-you-wait gearbox inspection

Contact us and arrange to bring in your loose unit for our team to inspect and diagnose the gearbox fault. We can usually strip the gearbox whilst you wait.

We will then supply an estimate to repair the gearbox. If the cost is outside of your budget, we will return the disassembled gearbox without charge.

Exchange gearboxes

We can exchange your damaged gearbox for a ready-to-install reconditioned unit from our stocks. Please get in touch to confirm availability and if you have any questions about our gearbox exchange service.

At Geartech there is typically no surcharge for case-damaged exchange gearboxes.

Free local collection and delivery

Our driver Ben will collect or deliver your loose unit free of charge within Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Please contact us to arrange a suitable time. Under the current Covid-19 conditions we kindly request that you wear a mask to help protect Ben and yourselves.

Common gearbox problems, faults and symptoms

How we repair a gearbox bearing failure

A whistling, whirring or clicking noise can indicate a gearbox bearing failure. We bench test the loose gearbox to confirm that the bearings have failed. We strip the gearbox down to its component parts, thoroughly clean the oilways and deglaze the synchros.

On reassembly, we install new bearings. We will use either OE parts or tried and tested equivalent quality brands such as SKF or Timkin. We then shim the gearbox to correct pre-load and install new seals throughout. We always replace concentric slave cylinders with new parts as standard on vehicles that have them fitted.

Finally, our trained assembly technicians will perform another bench test which will be approved by our Workshop Foreman. Once we are happy that the gearbox bearings are operating as expected, the casing is stamped and recorded. Please get in touch with your manual gearbox enquiry.

If you are having trouble changing gear

If your vehicle becomes difficult to change gear you may also feel a crunching through the gearstick. We will  investigate any wear in the synchro mechanisms or look for potential problems with the clutch. We bench test, strip the gearbox, thoroughly clean the oilways. We then inspect the synchros and replace any faulty or worn parts. When we are happy the gearbox is repaired it will be rebuilt, tested again before being stamped and logged in our system.

Your car, van or motorhome suffers a loss of drive or you are unable to put it into one or more gears

Your gearbox has many moving parts that demand smooth synchronisation and efficient lubrication. Problems include low oil, broken clutch centre, sheared output or drive shaft and sheared splines or teeth. The first step is to drop the oil into a clean container and inspect for contamination such as metal fragments, black oil or a burnt smell. Your car may illuminate a light on the dash to indicate a high transmission temperature – a sure sign of a fault. Please get in touch for a prompt diagnosis and to arrange free collection of your loose gearbox (Worcs, Warks, Heref and Gloucs). Private and trade customers can also arrange to deliver their vehicle for inspection and repair.

Grinding sound when driving, turning or changing gear

Manual gearboxes often produce giveaway sounds as signs of failure and problems. The first thing to check is the transmission fluid or gearbox oil level – too much or too little will cause damage. On delivery of your vehicle or loose unit, we strip and clean every component, check for damaged gears or failed sychromesh. If your vehicle is rear wheel drive it may be a differential fault. Call or email us to describe your vehicle’s symptoms. We will be able to repair your gearbox or differential or offer a reconditioned unit if required.

Gearbox case repairs or welding cracked transmission

Most gearbox failures are due to incorrect lubrication, ingress of particles or moisture and misalignment problems from wear and tear. Catastrophic failures from these problems can often damage the transmission cases from inside and heavy impacts cause cracks and damage from the outside. Our technicians will weld a repairable gearbox cover or we can replace with a reconditioned part. Please contact us for a quotation – trade and private customers welcome.

Leaking gearbox oil or low transmission fluid levels

Transmission fluid and gearbox oil leaks are signs your gearbox needs a prompt diagnosis and repair. Ignoring leaks will result in expensive and avoidable repairs. Transmission fluids are often red and typically will appear in the middle to the front of your vehicle.

A leak could be from simply overfilling but can also indicate damage to seals or bell housing dust covers, worn axles or a drive shaft imbalance amongst other causes. Call or email us with a description of your transmission leak to arrange diagnosis and repair.