Gearbox FAQs

Q and A from the transmission specialists

The following questions pop up regularly from our customers.  These problems are frequently found in the family cars, light commercial vans, 4x4s and motorhomes that pass through Geartech’s workshop.

what does crunching gears mean?

Crunching into gear is a typical sign of syncro failure. A syncromesh is basically a brake for the the gear and drive sleeve. Envisage the gear travelling at engine speed and the sleeve at road speed; to engage smoothly they must be at the same speed. By depressing the clutch this disengages the drive from the engine to the transmission, then by moving the sleeve towards the gear, activated by the gearstick in your vehicle, the syncro slows the two and you get a smooth change. Crunching gears are usually caused by a clutch not clearing thus making the syncro work much harder and encouraging premature wear. Replacement of both the syncro and clutch is necessary.

I have a knocking noise from the gearbox?

If your vehicle has a perceptible knocking noise this usually indicates a broken gear whereas a clicking sound is more likely to be broken teeth on the gears. If you would describe it more as a ticking sound then that may be a lack of lubrication.

Please get in touch to provide your description and we can explain the options available and find the cure.

Do you provide automatic gearbox repairs?

We only concentrate on manual transmissions. However, we recommend Driver Transmissions in Birmingham. You can contact them direct: 0121 7736633

Do you offer drive-in gearbox repairs?

Yes, if you are unable to supply the gearbox loose, please contact us and we will supply a quotation and confirm a convenient date to book your vehicle in with our workshop. We will road test your vehicle to diagnose the problem with the gearbox free of charge.

which transmission bearings do you use?

Where possible  we choose O/E  bearings. If these are unavailable we select high quality aftermarket brands that we know and trust their quality. For example Timkins or SKF.

Often bearings fail due to incorrect preload settings at the factory. If preload too tight, the bearing gets hot which softens the bearing face causing the hard-surfacing to lift.

Sometimes later models like VW T6 have larger higher spec bearings, so we now modify the T5 gearbox to accept these bearings.  On the Vauxhall M32 6-speed gearboxes, we use later, large bearings and top case on all repair and reconditioned units.

Do you supply clutches and auto parts?

We supply and fit clutch kits, but will only work with high quality components and do not supply individual items. As we are transmission specialists we do not supply other automotive parts or accessories.

How much does it cost to repair a gearbox?

Every gearbox repair is different, therefore we will always supply a quote after diagnosing your particular problem. However,  an indication of cost is as follows:
All repairs or reconditioned gearboxes start from  £200 plus parts and VAT.
Example: Common standard 5-speed car bearing repair from  £325 + VAT.
Example: Standard 6-speed van bearing repair from £485 + VAT.
Example: reconditioned gearbox in a standard VW 5-speed usually £485 +VAT.
Example:  reconditioned gearbox in a standard Renault Traffic up to 2010 £690 +VAT. 2010 on £790+ VAT.

Please get in touch to arrange a quotation for your specific gearbox repair.

what is a plated limited slip differential (LSD)?

A limited slip diff limits the amount of wheelspin when power is applied and the driven wheels start to spin. The system redistributes engine power to the wheels with the most grip, via either a mechanical system or electronics or a combination of the two. A plated system combines a bevel gear with friction plates. This system is ideal for four-wheel-drive and high powered race cars.

what is a Torsen limited slip differential?

Torson diffs use opposite threaded screws that ride against each other to gradually lock the differential.  These are typically quieter and offer lower maintenance and costs. However, a torsen differential has little adjustment which makes the design more suited to road based cars.

How we work : Gearboxes, differentials and transfer units

Inspect + diagnose

By prior appointment, we can strip your loose gearbox while you wait.

We provide an estimate and then if not within your budget, we return the unit dissembled with no fee.

strip + Clean

Once the unit is stripped down to component parts we perform a thorough chemical clean.

Each part is again carefully examined and problems recorded.

Repair + assemble

Our team of trained technicians reassemble the gearbox, diff or transfer unit. Any replacement parts required will be OE or equivalent proven quality components.

Test + record

Finally, it  is bench-tested by our technician and workshop foreman for quiet running and selection. All fitted units are road-tested. The housing is stamped with a unique number and details recorded before release.


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