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Car gearbox failures

Gearboxes, differentials and axles can all suffer failures and problems in family cars, sports cars, company cars or vintage classics. Typical symptoms might be that you are finding it hard to get into gear, for example a stiff gear shift. You might notice an unusual transmission noise or crunching when changing gear. A slipping clutch or signs of oil leaks can be a sign of transmission trouble.

Please get in touch if you suspect your car may have a gearbox problem. Leaving it undiagnosed can be dangerous and cause catastrophic and expensive failure.

Frequently recommended gearbox repair service

Our reputation is built on quality service and attention to detail. We always strive to maintain exceptionally high standards and can claim almost 50 years in the automotive business.

Free test drive and quotation

With extensive experience to call on we are rarely caught out by new faults. We stock the majority of parts that typically fail on a vast range of car models. This expertise and catalogue of parts enables fast turnaround times and efficient lasting repairs to your gearbox or differential.

Please get in touch to arrange a free test drive to confirm your gearbox problem. For private customers we can arrange to remove and reinstall your gearbox here at our workshop. Our trade customers usually provide a loose unit for inspection and repair.

Signs you have a gearbox failure

Example transmission faults might be a noisy gearbox or perhaps you are unable to select reverse gear. Signs of trouble can also be noticed if the gearstick jumps back and forth as you take your foot on and off the throttle.

Always check for oil leaks and be aware of any crunching or whining noises.  

Which cars’ gearboxes can be repaired at Geartech

We work with every style or model of car from a vintage treasure to a mile-crunching company car. We repair gearboxes on supercars, off-roaders, classic cars, city cars and family saloons.

High performance transmission upgrades

We offer repairs or performance upgrades for road sports and race cars. Lowering the pre-load of taper bearings will increase horsepower via reduced drag. We can fit your supplied straight-cut gears or change ratios to your own specification. Ask us about high speed bearings or a range of race-spec gearbox or differential upgrades.

We work with a host of trade customers but also private, direct trade. Please be assured you will always receive honest, courteous service and avoid unnecessary technical jargon.
Call Tony or Karl on 01299 251 261 for a no-obligation enquiry.

Gearbox repair on a Hyundai IX35 family car at Geartech Midlands near Worcester
Hyundai IX35 with synchro problems
Audi RS4 gearbox repair and overhaul by Geartech Midlands, Hartlebury
Audi RS4 – replacing the 3rd gear synchro
Alfa 75 gearbox repair by recommended local gearbox specialist Geartech Midlands
Alfa75 – 2nd gear and sleeve required, redress reverse gears


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